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ACT Math Test – Plane Geometry

Plane Geometry
Nadia recently asked if I could give some help on Geometry, so I’m going to start a series on Plane Geometry and then Coordinate Geometry.  Let me know if you don’t understand something!  That’s how I’ll know what I need to explain a little bit better.

First of all, there are 14 Plane Geometry questions on the ACT Math Test.  You’ll need to be familiar with the following:

  • Basic formulas for perimeter and area of plane figures (triangles, rectangles, circles, trapezoids, parallelograms)
  • Basic formulas for volume of a rectangular solid and a sphere
  • Angles, such as sum of angles in a triangle and other polygons, degrees in a circle)
  • Relationships among parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Properties of triangles (Pythagorean Theorem, 45-45-90, 30-60-90, congruency)
  • Properties of circles (diameters, chords)
  • Translation, reflections, rotations
  • Proof and proof techniques

Sometimes you also have to combine one or more of these areas with skills in other math content areas.

Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing information about each of these topics.  I’ll be preparing some free reports along with some videos.
After we get done with Plane Geometry, then we’ll tackle Coordinate Geometry.
Let me know what help you need in these areas and especially what you don’t understand.
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