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What To Take to the ACT Test Tomorrow

Pencils CalculatorTomorrow is the ACT test and you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared.  To save yourself the stress of gathering everything up in the morning, I suggest that you get everything you need to take with you gathered up the previous night.  Put everything in a visible place, ready to go.

What do you need to take?  The first thing is to make sure you have your picture ID.  You won’t be allowed to take the test without something that proves that you are you.  The most obvious choice is your drivers license.  But what if you don’t have a drivers license yet?  There are other alternatives for your ID.  They include a letter of identification, which must include a photo, issued by your school.  Ask your guidance counselor.  They should have a form letter which will include your photo that they can print and sign for you.  You can also get a notarized statement with a photo.

The second thing you must take with you is the test admission ticket that you should have printed when you registered for the ACT.  If you don’t have that ticket, or can’t find it, logon to your ACT account and print another one. You won’t be allowed to take the test without this ticket.

Next, remember to take several pencils with you.  Sharpen them the night before.  Make sure they have good erasers.  I would take 4-5 for the regular ACT and more if you are taking the writing test.  There is no penalty if you take more and better to be safe than sorry.  A broken lead or two could cause you a real problem if you only have a couple of pencils.  Take extra to be safe.

If you want, take a calculator with you for the Math test.  That’s the only test you can use the calculator on.  The test itself does not require a calculator, and may actually slow you down if you are overly dependent on it.  It can be nice to have, particularly for doing a quick double-check on some of your calculations.  I’ve known students who have received extremely high math scores and didn’t use a calculator at all.  Your preparation with ACT practice tests should help you determine how much you should use your calculator.

You can take a snack with you, but you can’t eat it during the test.  You’ll have a break between the Math and the Reading tests, and that would be a great time to have a quick snack.

Finally, take a good attitude with you.  If you’ve done your preparation properly and get a good rest that night before, you should be ready to have a great test!    Good luck!


P.S. ACT Exam Secrets will also help your preparation.  Find out exactly what the test makers expect you to know and learn strategies to help you do your very best.

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