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   1.  2011-2012 ACT Test Dates
   2.  A New “Preparing for The ACT” Guide
   3.  ACT English Test: Assure/Ensure
   4.  ACT English Test: Using Commas in a Series
   5.  ACT Math Test – Plane Geometry
   6.  ACT Math Test – Try a Two Pass Technique
   7.  ACT Math Test Format
   8.  ACT Math Test: The Exponent Rule
   9.  ACT Math Tips for Angles Part 1
   10.  ACT Plane Geometry – Angle Review
   11.  ACT Plane Geometry – More Angle Facts
   12.  ACT Plane Geometry – Working Angle Problems
   13.  ACT Practice Tests – How to Use Them
   14.  ACT Question of the Day
   15.  ACT Reading Test – The Detail Question
   16.  ACT Reading Test – It’s About the Words
   17.  ACT Reading Test – What You Need to Know
   18.  ACT Science Test Format
   19.  ACT Science Test Videos (Part 1)
   20.  ACT Science Test Videos (Part 2)
   21.  ACT Science Test Videos (Part 3)
   22.  ACT Science Test Videos (Part 4)
   23.  ACT Test Prep Takes Work!
   24.  ACT Test Taking Strategies
   25.  ACT Test Tip: Don’t Panic over Time
   26.  ACT Test Tips: Practice Double Checking Your Math Answers
   27.  ACT Tests – Tricks to Watch For
   28.  An ACT Practice Question Per Day
   29.  Check Your Colons
   30.  Dec 2011 ACT Test Giveaway
   31.  Do I have to memorize the periodic table to get ready for the ACT?
   32.  Eat a Good Breakfast on ACT Test Morning
   33.  Five Things to Remember When You Take the ACT Test
   34.  Five Ways to Correct Run-on Sentences
   35.  Format of the ACT English Test
   36.  Four Sources of Authentic ACT Sample Tests to Use for Preparation
   37.  Free ACT Test Questions for Your Calculator
   38.  Geometry – Area Problems
   39.  Geometry – Perimeter of Figures
   40.  Get Plenty of Sleep to Improve Your ACT Test Score
   41.  Guessing on the ACT Test
   42.  It’s the Night Before the ACT Test-What Do I Do?
   43.  Making Educated Guesses
   44.  Podcast 1: Welcome to the College Testing Helps Podcast
   45.  Podcast 2: ACT Test Format and ACT Practice Tests
   46.  Podcast 3: What To Do If You Forget to Register For The ACT
   47.  Podcast 4: ACT Test Taking Strategies
   48.  Preparing for the ACT Test and Basketball
   49.  Register for the Dec 10 ACT Test!
   50.  Six Triangle Facts To Know
   51.  Six Types of Triangles You Should Know
   52.  SOHCAHTOA – What The Heck is That?
   53.  Sources for ACT Practice Problems
   54.  The “Real” ACT Practice Test
   55.  The Secret To Understanding: Learn, Use, Teach
   56.  The Seven Types of Angles You Need to Know
   57.  The Wording Will Give You Keys
   58.  Today is the Late Registration Deadline for the October 22, 2011 ACT Test
   59.  Use ACT Practice Tests to Practice Answering All the Questions
   60.  What To Do If You Forget To Register For the ACT Test
   61.  What To Take To the ACT Test
   62.  What To Take to the ACT Test Tomorrow
   63.  Where to Find ACT Practice Tests
   64.  Why Should I Spend Time Preparing for the ACT?
   65.  Word Problems and Writing the Equation

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