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SOHCAHTOA – What The Heck is That?

Ever heard of SOHCAHTOA?  Ring a bell at all?  It’s likely that you learned this as part of learning about trigonometry, which is basically the study of triangles the relationships between the sides and the angles in a triangle. Sine, cosine, and tangent are just words that describe how sides of a right triangle relate …

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Six Types of Triangles You Should Know

There are some special triangles that you should know. Knowing the properties of each of these types of triangles will help you on the ACT math test. In some cases, it can help you get to the right answer more quickly. Let’s find out what those triangles are.

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ACT Math Test Format

Learn the format of the ACT math test and how you can use that knowledge to understand the areas where you should concentrate your studies in order to get the very best score on the math test.

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ACT Math Test – Try a Two Pass Technique

The ACT Math Test is where many students get bogged down. It’s easy to just go from one question to the next until you get to the end. That can lead you to not spending time on easy questions that are at the end of the test. One strategy to help you overcome this is …

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ACT Test Tips: Practice Double Checking Your Math Answers

Double checking your work can help reduce the change of wrong answers on the ACT Test. Learn strategies for double-checking your answers on the Math part of the ACT Test.

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