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Podcast 4: ACT Test Taking Strategies

Podcast #4 is now uploaded and ready for you.  In the podcast, I discuss some general ACT test taking strategies.  I hope that these help you, particularly since the next ACT test is just days away at this point.  If you are taking the ACT test this week, good luck!  I hope that all your …

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Podcast 3: What To Do If You Forget to Register For The ACT

Podcast #3 is now up.  Since the deadline for late registering for the Dec ACT test has now passed, I talk about what to do if you forgot to register.  There is one final option that you have.  Check out the podcast to see what it is. I also give some thoughts about some things …

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Podcast 2: ACT Test Format and ACT Practice Tests

Podcast #2 is now up!  I discuss the predictable format of the ACT Test and how you can use that to your advantage.  In case you didn’t know, there are specific numbers of questions for certain areas on each of the test portions.  For example, there’s only 4 (four!) trigonometry questions.  If you don’t get …

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